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Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Nutritional and herbal supplements are an essential tool for building better health.  At Creating Health, we use the highest quality GMP (good manufacturing process) nutritional supplements and put together custom treatment regimens for patients. We requests that patients purchase supplements through their "Fullscript RX "or through the office directly so that we can most effectively oversee and manage your treatment.


Getting started:

Some of your products may only be available directly through our office.  All additional supplements can be purchased either through our office or online via "Fullscript".  If you would like to purchase your supplements through the office simply let us know and we will notify you when your order is ready for pickup.  If you need your supplements mailed to you, we can make arrangements to do so.

Using "Fullscript" : This is a convenient online ordering platformPatients who choose this method will receive an email from Fullscript to create an account under Dr. Evans.  After creating a log-in you will be able to open the full prescription along with treatment plan recommendations and any documents which we provide you. Please note that the email will display the recommended products but it is necessary to log in to view the message which includes instructions from the doctor.

Fullscript can also be used to quickly access all of your prescriptions and treatment recommendations.  You can log-in and refill as needed and search the catalog for thousands of additional high quality nutritional products.  Also, you will be able to access previous treatment plans by viewing prior prescriptions.  Be sure to order $50.00 or more for the free shipping option.

By purchasing products directly through us or Fullscript, we can be sure that you are using products which are free of contaminants, and have been proven to be efficacious.  Additionally, we will be alerted with notifications when you place orders and can easily see if there are concerns about overuse, interactions, safety or redundancy. 

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